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04/06 The Mint - Los Angeles, CA
04/26 Amityville, NY
04/27 Boston, MA
05/04 Philadelphia, PA
06/07 Digifest @ Citi Field - New York, NY

02/28 - David's Birthday
04/12 - Brian's Birthday
08/06 - Dan's Birthday
12/15 - Anthony's Birthday


"Great Mission: Part 1"
Type: EP
Status: Production
Release: TBA
Link: iTunes: US | UK
"The Start of Something"
Type: Single
Status: Released
Release: 12/10/13
Link: iTunes: US | UK
Type: Album
Status: Released
Release: 01/01/13
Link: iTunes: US | UK
"Last Day of Summer"
Type: Single
Status: Released
Release: 08/09/12
Link: iTunes: US | UK
Music Video: YouTube

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Check out these new photos of Action Item from their photoshoot with Eric Mooney!

eric mooney ps 1

eric mooney ps 2

eric mooney ps 3

eric mooney ps 4

eric mooney ps 5

eric mooney ps 6


We all like taking selfies… so… you know.

action item great mission

Action Item has just announced that they’re launching an Indiegogo campaign to help fund their first full length album! I know we all love new music, but what Action Item has planned is something new and different (which is always the way they roll). To get to know more about what ‘Great Mission’ is, check this out!

With everything being said about what ‘Great Mission’ is, Action Item is still a fully independent band. They take pride in that and in order to continue doing so, need help to fund ‘Great Mission’. To do that, Action Item has launched an Indiegogo fundraising campaign. They have come up with a TON of great incentives and rewards for your help in donating! You can get a mall date with Brian, postcards from the road, go on tour with Action Item, Guestlist and VIP for LIFE, drum lessons with Dan, the list goes on. Seriously, these rewards are GREAT.

Action Item has always been all about family and think of their fans as family and love having everyone be involved. They tried to keep all the rewards as focused on the fans as possible. They honestly can’t do this without you. Without your help, Great Mission is just a dream.

Besides donating, there are other ways you can help! Awareness is key for a project like this, so you can post it on your twitter, facebook or whatever social media platform you’d like! And be enthusiastic! Maybe your friends, sister, brother or parents might be inspired to help!

CLICK HERE TO HELP DONATE TO THE ‘GREAT MISSION’ PROJECT! Check out the rewards and see if there is something you’d like!

Action Item has just announced their first FULL LENGTH ALBUM ‘Great Mission’!!! I know you all love to hear new music from your favorite Action Item guys, so this is just perfect.

For a little while now, all the guys have been teasing ‘Great Mission’ and what is your great mission? Well, I am now happy to explain to you what ‘Great Mission’ is!

The idea is that every person in this world has a purpose, a reason they’re here, a “Great Mission.” And this album will explore the idea of what that means.

As you may know, Action Item has never released a full length album. They’ve released two great EP’s, 2010′s ‘The Stronger the Love’ and 2013′s ‘Resolution’. This time, when it came to new music and coming up with a concept that keeps new music coming but also gives them the opportunity to be out on the road playing shows for everyone, they came up with this great idea, which is collectively titled ‘Great Mission’.

Great Mission is broken up into three 4 song EP’s that will eventually be combined and released as Action Item’s first full length album. Each part has a theme with Part 1 being songs about Life. Part 2 will be songs about Love. And Part 3, well, they’re gonna wait a little bit before they announce that. At the end, all the EP’s will be packaged together to form a full length album.

The great thing with this is that between writing and recording, Action Item will release each EP and still be able to tour and play shows. The graphic below will give you an idea of a timeline that this project will take.

action item great mission timeline

Check out the following video to see the guys explain what ‘Great Mission’ is. Did I hear a little barbershop quartet in there too? haha

Click here to check out more information of what Great Mission is and donate to help fund the project!!

Action Item will be playing a few special shows in April and May! Not only will you be able to be one of the first to hear new Action Item music, but you’ll also get to meet the guys! These shows are special and intimate, so there aren’t many tickets available for each show! Dates and ticket links are below! See you there!

action item an intimate night with new music album recording studio

April 6th – Los Angeles, CA
RSVP to FB Event >> Get Tickets
April 26th – Amityville, NY
RSVP to FB Event >> Get Tickets
April 27th – Boston, MA
RSVP to FB Event >> Get Tickets
May 5th – Philadelphia, PA
RSVP to FB Event >> Get Tickets

Action Item has announced that they’ll be playing Digifest in NYC on June 7th at Citi Field! Digifest is a premiere event featuring youtube personalities and artists and is branching out and making it more of a concert atmosphere and including bands and musical acts.

Get tickets HERE!

Ticket are ON SALE NOW for Action Item’s show at The Mint in LA on April 6th!

Get your tickets HERE! You won’t want to miss this show! It’ll be the FIRST TIME you can hear new AI music!

Ticket Prices:
Over 21 Pre Sale $15
Over 21 Day of Show $20

Under 21 Pre Sale $20
Under 21 Day of Show $25

Action Item will be playing a special show at The Mint in Los Angeles, CA on April 6th!
This is an exclusive event and tickets are very limited. Tickets go on sale tomorrow (Friday, March 14th) at 3PM PST. You can purchase tickets here: http://bit.ly/TheMintAI

the mint

Donate to ‘Great Mission’

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